1. summer evenings

  2. copy copy copy

  3. so today I’m moving out to Netherlands! KABK guys!

  4. painting the car, tomorrow is the exhibition, deadline pressure is my mother

  5. ok, so for the fisrt time, presenting a project made by Zuza Gronowicz and me.

    Coat rack made of solid wood and metal rods.


  6. dagiandag said: Witaj. Dziękuję CI za tę stronę. Przeglądam ze smakiem. Powodzenia.

    Jeju, to ja dziękuję! c:

  7. people



  8. really quick one

    but i’m back to the game

  9. just to share

    too happy

  10. we sure are cute for two ugly people

    how creepy is the fact that I can draw boonstar from memory?

  11. what eats my time, health and sleep lately

    and hey, that’s my name, even most of my friends didn’t know what my full surname is

  13. all the allergies in one nose

    welcome spring


  14. can’t focus lately


  15. yescyna said: <3

    I don’t know who you are, but hey <3